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Birk Engineering HEATERS - Birk manufactures a full line of high quality heaters: both etched foil and wire-wound silicone rubber; Kapton; mica; and butyl heaters. Temperature sensors can be integrated with the heaters and factory mounted heater sub-assemblies are a Birk specialty.

Comstat INDUSTRIAL THERMOSTATS - Comstat provides expert knowledge of engineered thermal sensing and load switching products - such as bi-metal, snap switch, and snap action thermostats.

Comstat INDUCTIVE SENSORS - Kaman’s high performance, non-contact eddy current sensors make precise static and dynamic measurements with resolutions down to 0.1 micron.

MTI Instruments LASER & CAPACITIVE SENSORS - MTI products range from basic capacitance, laser and fiber-optic sensors to complete, fully integrated measurement systems which can provide resolution up to 0.01 uin.

Jewell Instruments JEWELL INSTRUMENTS - A world leader in the manufacture of accelerometers and inclinometers serving the aerospace, marine, communications, rail and industrial applications.

Varflex PROTECTIVE SLEEVING - Electrical insulated braided sleeving in nylon, polyester, fiberglass both coated and uncoated, Nomex, Dacron, Kevlar, polypropylene, and others. They are used to protect wires in high temperature or high abrasion environments.