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Birk Engineering HEATERS - Birk manufactures a full line of high quality heaters: both etched foil and wire-wound silicone rubber; Kapton; mica; and butyl heaters. Temperature sensors can be integrated with the heaters and factory mounted heater sub-assemblies are a Birk specialty.

Comstat INDUSTRIAL THERMOSTATS - Comstat provides expert knowledge of engineered thermal sensing and load switching products - such as bi-metal, snap switch, and snap action thermostats.

Comstat INDUCTIVE SENSORS - Kaman’s high performance, non-contact eddy current sensors make precise static and dynamic measurements with resolutions down to 0.1 micron.

MTI Instruments LASER & CAPACITIVE SENSORS - MTI products range from basic capacitance, laser and fiber-optic sensors to complete, fully integrated measurement systems which can provide resolution up to 0.01 uin.